Pre checks

Correct Air Pressure

Check to make sure that your gun is operating at the correct air pressure.

Low air pressure can cause the following problems:

  • Gun does not work at all
  • Driver won’t retract after firing
  • Driver retracts slowly
  • Poorly sunk nails
  • Splitting wood

High air pressure can cause these symptoms:

  • Air leaks
  • Broken parts or casing
  • Heavy wear


All guns only need a couple of drops before each day of use or per 1,000 nails.

Low lubrication symptoms:

  • Air leaks
  • Driver jams
  • Pusher guide malfunctions
  • Nail loading errors
  • Not firing

Correct Nails

Incorrect nail issues:

  • Nail jams
  • Misfires
  • Guide jams

Keep nailer clean and water free

Make sure to drain compressor after each use.

Issues caused by dirt and water:

  • Parts binding up such as nail feed, nose safety and driver


Specific Symptoms and Trouble Shooting

Air Leaks Out Nose

  • O ring or other part towards the front of the gun is unseated or damaged and needs replacement.

Air Leaks Out Back

  • First ensure that the screws are tight
  • Seals could need reseating
  • Make sure valve in the cap of the gun is not jammed
  • Check seals and o rings for damage

Air Leaks Out Trigger

  • Trigger valve is damaged and needs replacing

Driver Does Not Retract or Retracts Slowly

  • Check to make sure gun is clean if not clean gun and lubricate
  • Has gun been properly lubricated?
  • Has gun been used often with out replacing parts? If so check for damaged O-rings and seal. If necessary install replacement kit.

Gun is double firing

  • Make sure your gun is not set on bump fire feature. You could be bump firing the gun causing it to fire twice.
  • Nailer is not held down with enough pressure when nail is fired
  • The trigger valve is leaking and not releasing fast enough for a single shot

Fasteners Frequently Jam

  • Make sure you are using the correct fasteners
  • Fasteners could be bent – use unbent fasteners
  • Magazine could be dirty – Clean magazine with air hose
  • Make sure magazine is not loose – Tighten screws.
  • Check to see if drive channel is worn – Clean channel of all obstructions.
  • Ensure that the piston is not broken or worn – Replace piston